All assignments are due at the start of class.
1 25-Sep 26-Sep 27-Sep 28-Sep 29-Sep
First Day of Class   Ch 1 Reading ?'s Due
Ch 2 Reading ?'s Due
  No Class
2 2-Oct 3-Oct 4-Oct 5-Oct 6-Oct
Ch 3 Reading Q's Due     Ch 4 Reading Q's Due No Class
3 9-Oct 10-Oct 11-Oct 12-Oct 13-Oct
Ch 2/3 Focus Memo
Ch 1/2/3 Quiz
    Ch 5 Reading Q's Due No Class
4 16-Oct 17-Oct 18-Oct 19-Oct 20-Oct
  Quiz on Chapter 4 Ch 6 Reading Q's Ch 5 Quiz No Class
5 23-Oct 24-Oct 25-Oct 26-Oct 27-Oct
Ch 5 Quiz
Ch4/5 Focus Memo Due
      No Class
6 30-Oct 31-Oct 1-Nov 2-Nov 3-Nov
        No Class
7 6-Nov 7-Nov 8-Nov 9-Nov 10-Nov
Ch 10 Reading Q's
Project 1 Written
Ch 11 Reading Q's   Ch 10 Update Due No Class
8 13-Nov 14-Nov 15-Nov 16-Nov 17-Nov
Ch 11 Quiz Ch 11 Update Due
Ch 11 Quiz
Ch 13 Reading Q's   No Class
9 20-Nov 21-Nov 22-Nov 23-Nov 24-Nov
  Ch 14 Reading Q's Ch 12 Update No Class No Class
10 27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov 30-Nov 1-Dec
Ch 9 Reading Q's Ch 13 Update and Ch 12 Take Home Quiz Ch 13 Update   No Class
11 4-Dec 5-Dec 6-Dec 7-Dec 8-Dec
Ch 13 Update Ch 14 Update   Midterm 2 In Class? No Class
12 11-Dec 12-Dec 13-Dec 14-Dec 15-Dec
Oral Reports Day1?
Ch 9 Update
Oral Reports Day2? OR Final Exam
8 to 10 AM
Take Home Final Due
Written Reports Due
End of Quarter No Class